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What Is The Alchemy Tree?

The Alchemy Tree is the brainchild of professional magicians, Simon Alexander and Collin Claus. Their mission is to enable dedicated magicians to thrive in the art of sleight-of-hand magic. They aim to produce nothing less than the world's most effective sleight-of-hand tutorials.

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The Alchemy Tree Team

Simon Alexander and Collin Claus are the faces and hands behind The Alchemy Tree. They film, script and edit with the goal of giving their customers a truly unique learning experience.

Magician, Simon Alexander Headshot

Simon Alexander

The Tech Bloke

Simon is responsible, not only for the look and feel of everything that we produce, but also for making it as useful, practical and easy-to-use as possible. This includes filming, editing and scripting the Alchemy Tree’s tutorials. He also shares many of his own routines, along with the handling of fundamental sleights. Twenty years' experience as a busy working magician makes Simon ideally suited to bring you exciting, expertly taught content that will inspire you and help you to improve your magic.

Magician. Collin Claus - Headshot

Collin Claus

The Moves Man

Collin is obsessed with sleight-of-hand magic and spends every waking hour exploring different techniques with a goal to furthering the art. He loves to explore the rich the history of magic and does his utmost to make sure that all of The Alchemy Tree's crediting is correct. As a working magician with twenty years' experience, he has abundant opportunity to thoroughly road test his material to make sure it's as strong as possible for real world performances.

So impressed with the quality of this tuition. Crystal clear, logical and thoroughly explained from all angles. Leaves no stone unturned. Looking forward to future releases. Get ready for an awesome experience with The Alchemy Tree.

Strip Shuffles & Running Cuts – Reviewed by Nick Brown

Wow, what a stunning download. Video quality is among the best I’ve seen. This should be the benchmark for any card work

Strip Shuffles & Running Cuts – Reviewed by Tim Saddleton

I love it! I have been into card magic for over twenty years and I have dabbled in a number of multiple selection routines. This one fits the bill perfectly and is going right into my set. Highly recommended.

Walter Mitty – Reviewed by Darren Rotherham

I wanted to send you a quick note of thanks and to compliment you on the quality of both your teaching and the videos. You offer a lot of value! I’m a big fan and will no doubt invest in more of your work.

Alchemy Tree Tutorials – Reviewed by Mark Ratekin

Very nice effect! And so nicely explained – The Alchemy Tree does it in the most beautiful and professional way! + lots of other ‘tools’ thrown in when you purchase it. I really like performing it.

Out Of The Blue – Reviewed by Andy M

Another cracking release from The Alchemy Tree. Impossible to say anything negative about this effect. Everything is covered in extra fine detail and options given for alternative handlings for the moves required, absolutely brilliant, well done The Alchemy Tree!

Out Of The Blue – Reviewed by Tim Saddleton

Nice effect, and it is explained very thoroughly. The Alchemy Tree team delivers great value for the money!

Unholey – Reviewed by Mark Ratekin

Holey moley! This is amazing! Alchemy Tree are fast becoming THE go-to magic tutorial specialists. Superbly filmed and explained – which comes as no surprise, because that’s what Alchemy Tree does.

Unholey – Reviewed by Darren Bane

This is an excellent quick trick you can do when you have no magic tricks on you at all. The effect is stunning and the video teaches you everything you need to pull off this effect. I have been practicing and you do quickly begin to pick up the moves and makes the coin really appear from nowhere.

The JW Grip – Reviewed by Nathanael Elsey

Great tutorial for a move I really wanted to get down. Have not found it in such simple detail in any other tutorials including “Metal”. Thank you!

The JW Grip – Reviewed by Dave Bolton

Absolutely crystal clear tutorial! Shown at different speeds and from different angles, and explained without any jargon. This is as perfect a tutorial as you will find. I will definitely be seeking out more Alchemy Tree tutorials.

The JW Grip – Reviewed by Darren Bane

I’d seen my mentor do this years ago and I was gobsmacked. I tried and tried to learn it but I could never get it. Watching the video I just bought, I now see where I went wrong. What an amazing tutorial, and for the price? Brilliant.

One-Handed Riffle Shuffle Tutorial – Reviewed by Ronald Woods

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March 23, 2021 No Comments

Reviews for Unholey by Collin Claus

We were stoked to learn that Ghost has been reviewed by four independent magic influencers.  All four of them REALLY liked it.  Each discusses what they feel are the pros and cons of the move, and we’ve pasted the reviews below.  So now you can make an informed decision before purchasing. When Collin released Ghost […]

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The Hindu Shuffle Box Set

Could This Be Card Magic’s Most Versatile Move? Our latest release examines all aspects of The Hindu Shuffle.  There’s more to it than you might think.  The shuffle is used by card technicians of all abilities and, although it originates in the far east,  you’ll often see it used by professional magicians all over the […]

September 9, 2020 No Comments


Imagine being able to take a spectator’s signed playing card, punch some holes in it and then openly move them around the card. The spectator can even feel both sides of the hole after it’s moved. Unholey is Collin’s signature effect.  This single piece of magic has earned him more re-bookings than anything else he […]