Reviews for Unholey by Collin Claus

Reviews for Unholey by Collin Claus

We were stoked to learn that Ghost has been reviewed by four independent magic influencers.  All four of them REALLY liked it.  Each discusses what they feel are the pros and cons of the move, and we’ve pasted the reviews below.  So now you can make an informed decision before purchasing.

When Collin released Ghost in 2021, it caused quite a stir amongst coin magicians.  Having watched the trailer many people couldn’t believe that it wasn’t camera trickery.  Others were worried about angles and how practical it is for working in the real world.

Anthony Almario

In March 2022, we received the review below from Anthony Almario Magic.

Nique Tan

In January 2022 we received this review from Nique Tan Chats

Real Magic Reviews

In March 2021 we received this review from Steve Faulkner at Real Magic Reviews.

Rick Holcombe

Shortly after we released Ghost, Collin was contacted by the respected coin magician and reviewer of all things magical, Rick Holcombe.  Rick wanted to speak to Collin about Ghost and Schmetterling. (Schmetterling is German for Butterfly, because that’s how delicate it looks.)

Purchase Ghost

So with all that press, we hope you have the information you need to decide whether Ghost is right for you. If you’d like to learn it, you can visit the product pages here:

Standard Version

Deluxe Version (With handling for “Schmetterling”)