Want To Learn Magic?

Want To Learn Magic?

There’s no getting away from it, sleight-of-hand sits at the very heart of performance magic. Magicians who take the time to understand and refine their sleight-of-hand, build a firm foundation for outstanding performances.

And that doesn’t just go for close-up performers. Many of the world’s most accomplished performers have built their careers upon the solid foundations of sleight-of-hand. In fact, the world’s most successful stage magician, David Copperfield, as well as ground-breaking mentalist, Derren Brown were both masters of sleight-of hand long before they developed into their own unique magical niches.

Even if you prefer to work with special “magic” props or gimmicks, sleight-of-hand can help you to use them with greater confidence, switch them in and out of play, or even get you out of sticky situations when a spectator says, “Can I have a look at that?”

So how do you learn sleight-of-hand magic? There are may routes. This page explains a little more about why Alchemy Tree products are such a great source of magical learning, and what you can expect from our industry-leading tutorials. 

The short video below gives an overview of our goals and what you can expect from The Alchemy Tree.

What’s All The Fuss About?

About Our Tutorials

We produce sleight-of-hand magic tutorials which, we believe, stand shoulder-to shoulder with the best in the world. That’s VERY a big claim.  Judge for yourself why.

These tutorials can be streamed or downloaded by creating an account on this site. We’ve separated the tutorials into three categories.

Original Tricks  –  Routines taken directly from Collin and Simon’s working repertoires.  You won’t find these effects anywhere else.

Card Move Tutorials – Be it individual tutorials or extensive box sets, this is where you can learn the foundations of our craft.

Coin Move Tutorials – Coin moves are the backbone of sleight-of-hand magic and can lend themselves to all manner of small objects.

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