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New Ways to Develop in Magic

Quite simply, The Alchemy Tree aspires to produce an affordable, beautiful and practical database of magic for magicians of all levels.

Whether you’re looking for a specific move, such as “The Straddle Grip Bottom Deal” or the solution to a particular problem, such as how to control a card from the middle to the top of the deck, our unique site will provide an easy solution.

And the site is growing ALL THE TIME.

Our Mission Statement

We aim...

To produce nothing short of the best, most cost-effective sleight-of-hand magic tutorials in the world.

To further the art of magic by providing the tools for magicians of all abilities to truly flourish.

To create a product that goes beyond simply cool to become a byword for quality.

To work to the highest standards with honesty and integrity in all things.

Meet The Team

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