Card Magic Routine


Imagine being able to take a spectator’s signed playing card, punch some holes in it and then openly move them around the card. The spectator can even feel both sides of the hole after it’s moved.

Unholey is Collin’s signature effect.  This single piece of magic has earned him more re-bookings than anything else he performs. And with just a little practice, it can do the same for you.  Check out the trailer to see how.

The perfect balance of magicality and practicality, Unholey is one of those rare effects which is …

  • Jaw-droppingly visual.
  • Inexpensive.
  • Easy to perform – there are NO complicated sleights.
  • And it resets instantly.
  • Plus, the card becomes an impossible souvenir displaying YOUR details. It’s a magical business card.

Collin has taken one of close-up magic’s great plots and reworked and refined it over fifteen years of performance.

Within hours of release, Unholey already received a 5 Star Review.

“Nice effect, and it is explained very thoroughly. The Alchemy Tree team delivers great value for the money.”


Download or stream Unholey here.