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The Hindu Shuffle Box Set

Could This Be Card Magic’s Most Versatile Move?

Our latest release examines all aspects of The Hindu Shuffle.  There’s more to it than you might think.  The shuffle is used by card technicians of all abilities and, although it originates in the far east,  you’ll often see it used by professional magicians all over the world. There are two reasons that it’s so popular.

  1. It’s extremely versatile and can be used for forcing, glimpsing, peeking, controlling and shuffling.
  2. It’s easy-peasy!

Winner winner chicken dinner!

The box set is perfect for beginners, or anyone simply looking to add genuine sleight-of-hand into their magic. We go deep down into this technique to teach you seven versions of the Hindu Shuffle, before rounding up with an original routine. This will give you the opportunity to incorporate the skills you’ve just learnt into a performance.

Check Out The Hindu Shuffle Box Set Trailer.

You can view or stream the full tutorial here.