Coin Magic Tutorial

The JW Grip

The JW Grip is The Alchemy Tree’s first coin tutorial and it’s a lightning fast vanish and production from an open hand.  It looks stunning!

We’ve had many requests to produce some coin tutorials and we wanted out first one to be a real doozy!

The JW Grip ticks all the boxes.  As you can see from the trailer, it’s a visually startling move, which is a perfect opening to any coin routine.  More importantly, it’s achievable in no time … even by a beginner.

You can learn it in full here.

A Little History Of The JW Grip

The sleight feels very contemporary and is used by many modern coin magicians.  Surprisingly though, it actually dates back to the mid 1940s.  However, it wasn’t seen in print until 1981 when Horace Bennett  included it in Bennett’s Fourth Book” as “Jimmy Wilson’s Coin Vanish & Reproduction, although it’s sometimes referred to as the Fitch Grip.

Horace Bennett (1925 – 1990) was a Virginian magician and one of the original members of the Society of American Magicans (SAM).  But as for Jimmy Wilson, he seems to have disappeared into obscurity.  We’d love to learn more about him if anyone knows.

Look out for more coin sleights and routines coming shortly.