We produce world-class sleight-of-hand magic tutorials which we sell via our partner company, Alakazam Magic

This page is dedicated to sleight-of-hand coin magic.  Here, you’ll find anything from individual tutorials to extensive box sets.  Each tutorial is filmed from multiple angles and in both regular and slow-motion to help you really get to grips with it.  We’re very proud of these tutorials and believe them to rank among some of the most effective sleight-of-hand teaching aids in the world.

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JW Grip

An Instant Vanish And Appearance Of A Coin

The JW Grip is The Alchemy Tree’s first coin tutorial and it’s a lightning fast vanish and production from an open hand.  It looks stunning!

The good news is that it’s NOT a knuckle-buster and it’s achievable in no time … even by a beginner. It’s the perfect opening to any coin routine and your audience will credit you with far more skill than it takes to learn the move.

As with all Alchemy Tree Tutorials, the JW Grip is taught in depth and with total precision.  There’s no unnecessary waffle, just the important points that make this sleight look like real magic.

Look out for more coin sleights and routines coming shortly.