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How to...


What Is The Alchemy Tree?

A brief overview of what our site's about. Simples!

How To View Content

We're a little bit different from other sites.  This video explains...

How to view free content.
How to purchase items.
The benefits of subscribing.

About Our Tutorials

An overview of our unique tutorials, including...

What to expect from an Alchemy Tree tutorial.
How it will be different.
The creative process.
Why we believe our tutorials rank among the best available.

Navigating The Skills Databse

Understanding and getting the most from The Skills Database, including...

The two distinct ways of navigating the database.
The difference between "searching" and the "drop-down" function.
Viewing previews

How To Support The Alchemy Tree

... and why it's worth supporting.

If you value what we're doing, here are just a handful of easy ways to be a part of the site's growth and success.