About Our Sleight-of-Hand Card Tutorials

The Alchemy Tree produces world-class sleight-of-hand magic tutorials which we sell via our partner company, Alakazam Magic.  This page is dedicated to sleight-of-hand card magic.  Here, you’ll find anything from individual tutorials to extensive box sets.  Each tutorial is filmed from multiple angles and in both regular and slow-motion to help you really get to grips with it.  We’re very proud of these tutorials and believe them to rank among some of the most effective sleight-of-hand teaching aids in the world.

 To stream or download the full tutorials, simply follow the individual links below to the Alakazam Magic site.

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Colour-Changes Mini Box Set

Imagine taking a borrowed deck and visually change one card to another – right in front of your spectator’s eyes.

In this mini box set, we teach the five most magical and practical colour-changes in the whole of card magic … and the great news is: Not one of them is a knuckle-buster.

We start with the most Basic Colour Change, before moving onto the Houdini Change, the Shapeshifter Change, the stunning Snap Change and the Twirl Change.

This is socially distanced, Zoom-friendly visual sleight-of-hand at its finest.

As always, we have separate tutorials for left and right-handed magicians AND each box set is packed with supplementary material including:

The Simple Erdnase Top Palm, the Ultra Simple Double Lift, the Pinkie Break and the Three Main Grips.

If you’d like to learn easy sleight-of-hand the really packs a visual punch, you won’t do better than The Colour Changes Mini Box Set from The Alchemy Tree

Vernon Push-Off Second Deal Box Set

We all know the second deal as a gambling sleight, but it also has great applications for magic and even mentalism.
If you’ve ever wanted to perform the perfect any-card-at-any-number routine or a routine where a spectator stops you at their own card, then this could be the perfect move for you.
In this box set we not only teach the basic handling, but also share tips on how to make your second deal smooth and invisible.
We then look at the different types of second deal and how each is suitable for either gambling, magic, or mentalism. We even share handlings where the heat is away from the deck.  So, even if your second deal isn’t perfect, it will still fly by your spectators.
Finally, we conclude with three entirely original second-deal routines: one for gambling; one for magic and one for mentalism.
Literally years of research and refinement has gone into this box set.  If you’re willing to put in the time, this resource has everything you need to build the perfect second deal.

Strip Shuffles & Running Cuts Box Set

Plus FREE Strip Cut Tutorial

When handling cards, you need to look the part. The strip shuffle has the elegance and style that you see in the movies. It’s more deceptive and easier to perform than a riffle shuffle and opens the door to many sleights.
This box set is perfect for beginner and those with an intermediate level of skill. As well as teaching you the basic strip shuffle, we’ve also included the following methods:
  • Stock control to keep your aces on top or bottom of the deck.
  • Two amazing Full deck controls, including the very deceptive up-the-ladder cut which will preserve any stack.
  • The elegant, totally false Vernon strip cut…
And as a bonus we’ve also included an in-depth look at the push-through shuffle and how to incorporate it with the up-the-ladder cut.
Plus, check out our Free Strip Shuffle Tutorial
If you’re interested in performing gambling effects with an authentic look, then this is the perfect box set for you.

FREE In-The-Hands Riffle Shuffle Tutorial

A well-executed riffle shuffle is not only a highly efficient way of mixing the deck, but an easy way to radiate competence and skill with a deck of cards.
Enjoy this in-depth tutorial with our compliments.

One-Handed Riffle Shuffle Tutorial

It’s hard to imagine a card move that suggests more skill and dexterity to a lay audience than the one-handed riffle shuffle.  Shuffle like a super-cool card master with this in-depth tutorial.

The Hindu Shuffle Box Set


Learn seven variations of card magic’s most versatile move, the Hindu Shuffle.

This shuffle is used by card technicians of all abilities and the box set is suitable for beginners, or anyone simply looking to add genuine sleight-of-hand into their magic. We go deep down into this technique to teach you:

  • Two variations of the basic technique
  • Top, bottom and full deck controls
  • A single card control
  • A secret card glimpse
  • And a convincing force

We then round up with a wholly original routine to give you the opportunity to incorporate the skills you’ve just learnt into a performance.

As with all Alchemy Tree tutorials, the box set is available with handlings for both left and right-handed magicians.

The Hindu Shuffle can set the groundwork for broad set of foundational skills. If you’re not familiar with it you’ll find everything you need right here

Straddle Grip Bottom Deal Tutorial

If you’d like to handle cards like a true card-shark, the Straddle Grip Bottom Deal is a great place to start.
It’s incredibly impressive to lay-people and, although it will take a fair degree of dedication, it’s one of the easier false deals to master.
As always, the move is filmed from multiple angles and broken down into bite size pieces to make it easier to learn.
This is the perfect starting point for building a gambling moves card-arsenal.

Benzais Spin-Out Tutorial

If you’d like to elevate yourself from “someone who does card tricks” to a true card technician, check out the super cool Benzais Spin-Out.
Spectators will love seeing you produce any number of selected cards from the centre of a tabled deck. This beautiful revelation is perfect for Ace Productions or gambling-style reveals

The False Switch Cut

Easy-to-perform card moves, which are also thoroughly deceptive, are the Holy Grail for card-workers.
The False Switch Cut is both of those things: an in-the-hands false triple-cut that can be learnt in minutes and is so good that you can fool yourself!  Plus it MAY be original to The Alchemy Tree!  A  great addition to any card-arsenal