Meet The Team

Collin Claus

Hi, I’m Collin Claus and I’m The Alchemy Tree’s “Moves Man”


Collin Claus

Sleight-Of-Hand Guru

a little bit about me

What’s your role in the Alchemy Tree?

I’m Collin and I’m the Alchemy Tree’s “Moves Man”.  You’ll see my hands in most of the tutorials; (easily recognisable by my gecko tattoos!)

I’m responsible for ensuring that we’re presenting the best, most practical variations of the sleights we teach, as well as making sure that each is properly credited.  So, I’m also our historian and researcher.

Additionally, I’m “Second Editor”, working alongside Simon to ensure a constant stream of new material is added to the site.

How did you get involved with the Alchemy Tree?

I’ve been involved with the Alchemy Tree since 2013. Simon showed me his unique way of teaching magic and it blew me away! The tutorials were very clear, yet had a really cool look to them (making the learning process far more fun than anything else I’d seen).

This is my dream job.  It allows me to constantly improve on the things I love to do, as well as being part of a great team working to teach, explore and further the art of magic.

What do you do outside of magic?

I’ve spent my whole life performing: first in bands, and as a session guitarist.  Later on I became a full-time magician, as my obsession in close-up magic gradually replaced guitars with cards and coins.

But music’s never left me and, when I’m not immersed in magic, I still find the time to play guitar and write in my studio.

Simon Alexander

Hello, I’m Simon Alexander, Creative Director at The Alchemy Tree.


Simon Alexander

Creative Director

a little bit about me

What’s your role in the Alchemy Tree?

I’m Simon and I’m the Alchemy Tree’s Creative Director.  I’m responsible, not only for the look and feel of everything that we produce, but also for ensuring that it’s as useful, practical and easy-to-use as possible.  This includes filming, editing and scripting all of The Alchemy Tree’s tutorials.  So, if you can’t follow a tutorial, the buck stops with me.

(I also appear on the occasional tutorial, as there are still just a handful of sleights that I can perform better than Collin.)

What do you do for a living?

I’m lucky enough to make my living almost ENTIRELY from magic.  I mainly do this performing close-up and stage magic within the corporate market.  I occasionally do a little TV work and my hands have appeared doing clever things with playing cards, poker chips and coins in a number of high-profile TV adverts.

Lastly, I run a very small web consultancy, as well as filming and editing showreels for people wishing to showcase their work.

Why did you get involved in the Alchemy Tree?

The Alchemy Tree is my chance to give back to an art-form that’s given me so much.

I love working with Collin, as we have extremely complementary skill-sets. We both have very high standards and our joint aim is simply to create an exceptional resource for the sleight-of-hand magic community.

I can honestly say that I’ve not only never worked so hard but also, never had as much fun, as when I’m working on the Alchemy Tree.

What do you do outside of magic?

Magic is my first love but I also enjoy the outdoor life; particularly paddlesports, which I coach. I keep myself very fit but also enjoy music.  I’m a keen guitarist but my musical passion, believe it or not, is the ukulele, which I never go a day without practicing.